Our hand-picked instructors have been in private service for many years and have held positions in esteemed households and corporations. This combination of comprehensive knowledge and considerable experience, coupled with a deep pride and affection for a singular and respected profession ensures that all students will benefit from our devotion to duty. We are the only service training company with a comprehensively written syllabus that provides a framework and standard for all of our instructors to follow.

Over the years, we have trained up many quality personnel and have at our disposal the very best to work with us. We will have a dedicated team specially selected according to your needs. 

Thomas Kaufmann
Founder and Managing Director

Thomas found his natural talent communication and connecting with guests from all over the world high up in the Swiss Alps where he grew up in a Tourist-destination and had the privilege to come in contact with tourists from all over the world at a very young age. A Butler by nature, Thomas sought to further his private service education by joining The International Butler Academy in the Netherlands where he graduated at the top of his class. Based on his outstanding knowledge and exceptional leadership skills, The International Butler Academy dispatched Thomas in May 2012 as a consultant to an important Client in China to set up a Butler-Service-System at the most prestigious Real Estate in Chengdu (Sichuan Province). Shortly after he was joined by Christopher Noble with whom he successfully transformed an expensive property into a luxury Real Estate.

After this 6 months consulting mandate, Thomas remained in China to lay grounds on setting up the first Butler Academy in China. In December 2012 Thomas was named CEO of the newly founded Joint-Venture “The International Butler Academy China”. After the successful opening and an even more successful introduction of the Butler Academy, Thomas decided in August 2015 that it was time to say goodbye to the corporate life and become an entrepreneur running his own company dedicated to outstanding service, good manners, and high-class customer attendance.

Christopher Noble
Instructor / Butler

_Y7D4745At an early age, Christopher Noble has been in or around the hospitality industry since 1978. Christopher’s parents, and later himself, has owned and operated Pubs, Restaurants, and Nightclubs throughout the Ohio area.

In the late1980’s to early 90’s Christopher worked at a prestigious private Country Club and soon was promoted to Bar Manager.

By 1993 Christopher joined the U.S. Coast Guard. While serving in Juneau, Alaska and St. Petersburg, Florida, Christopher was assigned in the Command Cadre, and quickly became the “go to” person to entertain foreign dignitaries, Ambassadors, Military leaders, and Consulate Generals, including Senators and Congressmen from the United States.

After serving two tours at the U.S. Coast Guard, Christopher went back to Cleveland and opened 3 bars in greater Cleveland from 1999 until 2012.

In 2012 Christopher decided to challenge himself even further by attending The International Butler Academy in Holland to become a professional Butler. After graduation, Christopher was given the unique opportunity to do an internship in Chengdu, China for Langji Real Estate Company. While there, Christopher was the Senior Management Consultant and Butling Instructor and helped to conceive The International Butler Academy China. When “The International Butler Academy China” was opened, Christopher was named “Senior Butling Instructor ” instructing Chinese students, foreign guests, and media from the world over in the art of Butling. Christopher eventually moved up to Director of Training / Vice Marketing Director while at The International Butler Academy China.

Christopher resigned from “The International Butler Academy China” in March 2017 and is proud to join Hong Kong’s premier Butling services company, and is looking forward to bring Hong Kong the absolute best in services and training he can offer.