Jeeves Training

We specialise in high-end training for the hospitality industry as well as for staff in private households. Adhering to the traditional British style Butler traditions, Jeeves uses established proven techniques and modern methods to achieve the results our high profile clients are accustomed to.

Based in Hong Kong, we provide our services throughout Asia with a focus on Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. We offer consulting services and hands-on practical training to corporations such as hotels, casinos and real estate companies which require high-class hospitality services.

Our comprehensive consulting includes setting up management systems, service configuration and facilities control, while offering staff management on-site training. Consulting in other areas is also available for sales, PR & Marketing matters and other related disciplines as necessary, to give you a total seamless approach.


Our Vision

Our vision is to establish the true art of service in Asia.

Be the leading authority in Asia offering true professional butler and service training, as well as consulting with private and corporate clients by providing service flow consultation and first class bespoke service training for all staff.  We aim to educate dedicated service professionals in the true art of service and establish a high-class service standard for the wealthy throughout Asia.

Our Uniqueness


We always act in the best interests of our customers.
We put their interests ahead of our own.
We act and maintain to the highest standards, a butler has to offer.


We protect your confidentiality and privacy at all times.


We are, as you wish us to be.


We put all of our abilities in our actions and deeds.


We maintain respect and esteem at all times.

P.S. So, Who is Jeeves?

Jeeves is a fictional character out of a series of publications by P.G. Wodehouse, Reginald Jeeves has become a synonym for Butlers all over the world. If you want to know more about the adventures of Reginald Jeeves and his principal Bertie Wooster, please follow this link.