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山东中厦电子科技有限公司是专业从事敏感功能半导体材料、芯片、元件、传感器制造的技术型企业。公司实施全面质量管理(IS09001/IATF16949),生产采用6西格玛精益管控,产品严格按照UL、VOE、CA、 ROHS、CCC 标准进行全流程检测监控,可不受限制行销全球市场。

公司聘请欧、日海外专家数名共同参与产品研发,拥有一支年轻化、专业化、高素质的技术队伍,其中包括国家级著名专家 1 名(博士生导师、享用国务院特剔津贴研究员),高级工程师 2 名,高级技师 3 名。公司拥有十余项国家发明专利,并逐步建成 一个政产学研资合作、可灵活应对市场变化、可持续发展的专业功能材料技术研发中心和产业化基地。同时,公司还分别从德国、日本引进全套分立式与贴片式元件自动化生产设备。目前已经投入规?;姆至⑹皆远魉叩ハ吣瓴芄谥?,具备了可与欧、美、日国际电子元件巨头媲美的生产效能,各类产品品质达到国际先进水平。


 Company Profile

Shandong Zhongxia Electronics Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, which is professionally engaged in the manufacture of sensitive functional semi-conductor materials, chips, components and sensors. The company implements total quality management (IS09001/IS014001).and adopts 6 Sigma and lean management for production. The whole process of products is in strict accordance with the UL, VOE, CA, ROHS, CCC standard for the testing and monitoring, so that products are not limited to be sold in the global market.

In addition to employ experts from Europe and Japan to participate in the research and development of products, the company has its own younger, professional and high-quality technical team, including one national famous expert (doctoral tutor and researcher who enjoys the state council special allowance), two senior engineers, three senior technicians. The company has more than 10 national invention patents, and Gradually build a professional functional material technology research and development center and industrialization base that is government, industry, academic, research, capital cooperation, flexible to respond to market changes and sustainable development.  With the above materials technology advantages, the company also introduced a full set of automatic production equipment for discrete and patch type components step by step from Germany and Japan. Until now, each automated production line with an annual capacity of more than hundred million has been put into the mass production of the discrete components. Such production efficiency of electronic components can be comparable to other international companies from Europe, the United States and Japan. The quality of all kinds of products has reached the international advanced level, and will be in the continuous improvement.

At present, the company’ s main products which have large-scale production include NTC thermal sensitive materials, chips, components and temperature sensors. We are looking forward to the support and appreciation from customers at home and abroad.

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